Quality System

ISO 17025:2005

Quality is what drives BBE Laboratory operations every day. The ISO 17025:2005 standard has all the requirements that testing and calibration laboratories have to meet in order to demonstrate that:

  • they operate a quality system,
  • are technically competent, and
  • are able to produce technically valid results.
Selecting an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory means:
  • Acceptable degrees of uncertainty have been established
  • All methods are validated
  • Results are repeatable and reproducible
  • All tests are performed according to written work instructions
  • Technicians must complete documented training on each test they perform
  • Quality control samples are run frequently to ensure that every result is a quality result
  • Proficiency testing is done on a regular basis
  • Equipment is properly maintained and calibrated
BBE Laboratory is in the process of establishing a quality system for accreditation to ISO 17025: 2005 by SANAS

Proficiency testing schemes

Regular participation in a proficiency-testing scheme provides independent verification of the analytical competence of a laboratory and shows a commitment to the maintenance and improvement of performance. It demonstrates to that procedures are under control and gives analysts confidence that the service which they provide will withstand scrutiny.

BBE Laboratory is participating in the national NIOH EQA Programme - Respirable Crystalline Silica since round 2 (since 31 October 2008). The samples consist of five 25 mm PVC filters loaded with between 60 and 500 ug RCS and one blank. Results

BBE Laboratory is also participation in the international WASP (Workplace Analysis Scheme for Proficiency) testing scheme from round 81 (April 2009). Results

Customer feedback

Regularly conducted customer opinion polls will show where BBE Laboratory can improve with regards to expertise, quality, reliability as well as turn-around times.

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